Musharaf in INDIA! Geo Musharaf Geo

March 9, 2009



I would like to thank Saroor Zaidi for the for his brave work and support and sharing the following with his group members.

Geo Musharaf Geo,

An amzing Confident Musharraf has stood tall and proud, and represented Pakistan to the fullest capacity with dignity and power. Mr. Musharraf was harrassed by the Indian Muslims, which we know have a personal grudge with Pakistan, I will not add that in, as it was a cowardless reply from the Indian Muslims. They are far better treated as they are after reviewing there answer and statement.


Arun Poorie: You are here as a messenger of peace. What did you do about it in the nine years when you were in power?

Musharraf: Let’s stop the blame game. We need to look at the reality, forget the past and look ahead. I don’t know what I did wrong, but I can tell you I tried my best for peace between India and Pakistan. I was never negative when the opportunity for peace came to me.

Arun Poorie: What plans do you have about the future?

Musharraf: To me, the core issue is building confidence by greater people-to-people affinity. Once the confidence is there, we should move towards resolving the core issues, and stop meddling with the internal affairs of each other’s country.

 Arun Poorie: What do you have to say about what happened on 26/11 in Mumbai?

Musharraf: Let’s stop the war hysteria. Just a day into the investigations, the Pakistani army and the ISI was blamed for it. I am for a considered and matured response to these issues. As far as the investigations are concerned, the Pakistani government should fully cooperate and the guilty should be punished.

 Arun Poorie: Are there any terrorist camps in Pakistan?

Musharraf: See we have done damage to each other. I am aware of what the Indian embassy is doing in Jalalabad and Kandahar. A terrorist from Kabul has been received by Indian intelligence agencies in India and looked after. I have documents to show this. Let us stop the blame game. India is a big country. You try to do damage to us, we will do damage to you. We should address the trust deficit between the two countries. The ISI does the same thing as the RAW does. There is no distinction.

Ravi Shankar Prasad: In the face of the present situation, do you see Taliban taking over Pakistan?

Musharraf: Areas in the North West Frontier [Province] where the problem is, account for less then one percent of the population. There is no danger of Taliban taking over Pakistan politically.

Arun Poorie: What specific confidence-building measures do you have for the future?

 Musharraf: We need to look at strategic issues. We will have to address the water issue which would develop into a new conflict between the nations. We have to stick to the Indus Valley treaty.

Soli Sorabjee: Will you hand over Dawood Ibrahim to us as a confidence building measure?

Musharraf: This is a small issue. I do not know if he is there. I too have a long list of people that India needs to give us. The role of Indian embassy in Afghanistan in Jalalabad and Kandahar is not good either. Individuals are a small issue. We need to look at strategic issues. I do not think handing over Dawood will change anything. I know it will not help in easing tensions between the two nations, if that happens then you will have to hand over Dawood back to Pakistan (laughs).

Rahul Kanwal: A conversation of Gen Kayani, the army chief who succeeded you, has been intercepted where he said Taliban is a ‘strategic asset’?

Musharraf: This is a lie. He cannot say that. I challenge them to show me the proof. It is a lie.

Amar Singh: When our (then) PM Vajpayee travelled to Lahore by bus to Lahore for friendship, Kargil happened. Now you say you are for peace?

Musharraf: I would not like to comment on this issue. I have dealt with this matter in my book.

Shekhar Gupta: Compare your years in power with that of Ziaul Haq.

Musharraf: The comparison cannot be done as the situation and ground realities were very different in both times. You must understand that Pakistan is not the perpetuator of terror but a victim of terror in the last 30 years.

Question: How is it to live in Pakistan and not be in charge?

Musharraf: It’s good. I am relaxed. The most difficult job was to take decisions in highly complex situations. Now I read about them in the papers.

General VP Malik: What are the chances of the army taking over Pakistan again? How can India help Pakistan in its problems?

Musharraf: It is the internal matter of Pakistan. The political leadership can deal with the situation. I would not like to comment on that. India can help Pakistan by not maligning Pakistani army and the ISI in the world.

 To my readers, I know I have disappeared from blogging scene. I have some personal engagements due to which I am un able to bog but very soon a series of new writings are coming up…..

Thank you


  1. My leader and my inspiration. 🙂

  2. Bravo!

    • Thanks. I am just doing my part!

  3. Musharaf was the best before the Red Mosque. I am proud of him as military leader not a dictator. He is well trained and kept India where it belonged (away from Pakistan). I especially liked him at Kargil; until we pulled out – 😉

    On another note: Watch this too the end:


    I think that sub-continent has not seen a leader like this since Quaid-e-Azam. I truly believe this guy is principled, sincere, presents big ideas previously foreign to the politics and general public of Pakistan and wishes well for all people of Pakistan.

    If he were to have promoted what Kaloo did in Karachi and messed up our city; divided its inhabitants into ethnic groups then some of you (Imran haters) would have liked it!

    I am baffled that educated people of Karachi can only take an X-cabbie as a leader?

    Kaloo is a parasite and a traitor; for starting the ethnically supercharged political environment in our lovely city Karachi.

    Last thing I want to hear is ignorant people talking about greatest scarify made by people of Karachi in 1947. It was Punjabis coming across the border who got slaughtered; educated Indian Muslims, that now Kaloo seems to tell every one he belongs to, came on the boat. You ignorant, parasitical morons go read your history; you cell phone snatchers!
    Kaloo is in state of paranoia and is an incidental learner; he does not seem to get it right the first time:

    He starts a party MQM (fighting with sindis, pathans, balochies and punjabies) calls it Muhajir movement (I dare to disagree with this term – what about others who migrated and did not speak Urdu? Are they not Muhajir; who gave Kalo the authority to reduce sons and daughters of finest Muslims of India who moved from India to be called Muhajir for rest of their life; even after their sons and daughters have born in Pakistan? ).

    Then kaloo learns it’s not flying well with everyone nationally or internationally, kalo tries to fit in and changes with his decree to Mutahida. I truly believe it Mustaqill Quomi Musibet!

    From the 83’s onwards a truly peaceful city and its people have been stuck with the fool! I want to know who killed Azeem Tariq; Hakeem Saeed and other nobilities. Who threatens living nobilities like Edhi? Who reduces a well trained and groomed (Musharaf) brave national hero an army general to an Urdu speaking only general, an ethnic hero?

    I firmly believe that when people can not see beyond their feet they can not get much far, and this is the story of MQM. They are as much to blame of current Pakistani mess as are the Taliban and any other kind of mafia. What was the judgment of the Canadian court?

    We will take Karachi (Pakistan Juggler v) back from kaloo and his thugs. Remember, when you have small dreams you become a small person/nation. To achieve big things you have to dream big and that includes thinking beyond ethnicity.

    MQM is in state of schizophrenia; calling PPP as feudal at one time now sitting in govt. With feudal!

    Calling Military as oppressors and bad etc. has been with them in last dictatorship. – Kaloo needs to makeup his mind; looser with big mouth!

    Long live Pakistan; Log live Karachi!

    Kaloo murdabad

    Kaloo murdabad

    Kaloo murdabad

    Watch the truth: How people been kept hostage!

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