Cricket & Pakistan

March 15, 2009
When "WE DID IT"

When "WE DID IT"

I was sitting and  reading some news on cricket when suddenly the who Sri Lankan team episode flashed in my mind. Then I read some interviews of Inzamam-ul-Haque and a few other players all making a point that cricket in Pakistan is finished now (for sometime)….
It reminded me of the final of 1992 world cup. I ended up watching the first half of the match i.e. Pakistan’s batting innings in a shop of a tailor in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi, squezed between a sweeing machine and few friends. (due to loadshedding there wasnt electricity at ours). The joy that win brought to who country was great. Pakistan was nearly out of the tournament and then things turned Pakistan’s way and we did it.

Those were the days when we had all the cricketing greats and today we have these pains to live with…..

Allah Help us!


  1. things will be back in their good shapes soon InshaAllah
    the things we need are
    positive attitude
    strength of truth
    and above all UNITY.

  2. Pakistan must stop state sponsored terrorism. The ghost that CIA created in Afghanistan haunted it on 9/11 and the ghost that ISI has created will also haunt Pakistan forever.

    • That is what you think and that is what you will think all the time. I dont know why India is scared of ISI. Pakistan is being effected by Indian sponsored terrorism. India and Indian’s are a cancer which will distmantle itself soon. Insha Allah. You just sit and talk about ISI we will do the rest.

      Thanks for popping here. keep coming.

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