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March 19, 2009

I have registered a new blog at wordpress.  From now on I will be blogging on the following :-

There will be some changes coming there time to time to make it more Pakistan oriented. 

Thank you very much


Pakistan in 3008-

March 10, 2009

One of my very good friend sent me this email a while back. First time I read it I couldnt stop laughing and the second time I read it I was of the thought that what if we get there ? .

The “Finish line”. Are we capable enough to make the following possible? Read the following and share your thoughts. Thanks



Pakistan In 3008
Two Top American Executives at IBM, USA

Alex: Hi John. You didn’t come to work yesterday
John: Yeah. I was at the Pakistani Embassy trying to get my visa.
Alex: Oh, really? What happened? I’ve heard that these days they have
become very strict.
John: Yeah, but I managed to get it.
Alex: How long did it take to get it stamped?
John: Man, it was a long queue. Bill Gates was waiting in front of me
and they really gave him a hard time. The poor guy even brought the
property papers for his house in Seattle to show them that he will
return to USA. I went there at 4:00 a.m. to get in the queue and there
were tons of people ahead of me.
Alex: Really? In Pakistan, at the US Embassy it only takes an hour to get visa for U.S.

John: Yeah! But that’s because no one in Pakistan would want to come to
USA, except Americans who have taken Pakistani nationality and want to
bring their kids here.
Alex: So, when are you leaving?
John: As soon as I get my tickets from the company in Pakistan. I’m so
excited. I will be getting a chance to finally fly with the world’s
fastest growing airline, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). Sort of
dream come true, you know.
Alex: How long are you planning to stay in Pakistan?
John: What do you mean “how long”? I will try and settle in Pakistan. My
company has promised me that they will process my Green Book as soon as
Alex: Really? Man, you’re a lucky one. It’s very difficult to get the
Green Book in Pakistan. Last year my cousin and his family went there on
a tourist visa and they’re not coming back now.
John: Yeah. That’s why I’m planning on marrying a Pakistani girl there
and then sponsoring my parents and my brother and sister from New York
to Pakistan.
Alex: But I hear you can find lots of good American girls in Karachi and
John: Yeah, but I prefer Pakistani girls. They are so much more superior
to our girls, and what great brunette complexion they have!
Alex: What city are you going to?
John: Karachi. The company has an office in downtown Saddar. Yeah, the
salary is good but the cost of living is quite high because of all the
people flocking to this high-tech Mecca.
Alex: I hear the exchange rate is now $100 to a Rupee! That’s just too
much. What about Quetta and Peshawar? What are they like?
John: No idea. But they are cheaper than Karachi, which is the world’s
headquarters for information technology now.
Alex: I hear the quality of life in Pakistan is incredible.
John: Yeah, man. You can buy a BMW for Rs.30,000, and a Mercedes for
less than Rs.45,000. But my dream is to purchase a Suzuki Turbo FX-800
which costs roughly Rs.90,000. But what a sweet design, great curves,
and it purrs to the touch.
Alex: By the way, which company are you gonna work for?
John: Haji Jalal Puttarjee & Bros. Technologies, a pure Pakistani
conglomerate specializing in embedded software.
Alex: Man, you’re so lucky to work for a pure Pakistani company. They
are really intelligent and unlike any American body shops that have
opened their fly-by-night outfits in Pakistan. The Pakistani companies
pay you even when you’re on the bench. My friend, Paul Allen, used his
bench time to visit the Makran Coast, the most gorgeous resort in
Pakistan, I hear.
John: Yeah, man, you’re right. I hope the US learns something from them
and follows in their footsteps. It seems all we do is borrow more and
more money from the Askari Bank.
Alex: How are you going to cope with their language?
John: I’ve been learning Urdu since my school days. I always dreamed
that one day I’ll head for Pakistan ever since my uncle bought me that
T-Shirt from Islamia College. At the Consulate they tested my
proficiency in Urdu and were quite impressed by my score in TOUFL (Test
of Urdu as a Foreign Language).
Alex: Boy! You’re so damn lucky.
John: Yeah. I’ll be travelling in the world’s fastest train, Tezgam,
I’ll be visiting the world’s largest theme park in Changa Manga, and
I’ll be visiting the famous Lollywood where I might meet the sons and
daughters of movie legends like Nadeem, Sultan Rahi, Anjuman, Reema and
the gorgeous of all, Madam Babra Sharif.
Alex: You know, the Pakistani President is scheduled to visit USA next
year and I hear that he may increase the number of employment visas.
John: That’s very true. Last month, their Labour Minister, Naswar Khan
Pakhtoon, visited the White House and donated Rs.20,000 for the
re-development of the World Trade Centre at Silicon Valley, and has
promised more if we follow the models of the fast developing high-tech
cities, Gujranwalla and Raiwind. Bill Gates was lucky to have a chance
to meet him. Very lucky person.
Alex: Will you be calling on Dave? I hear that he has made it big there
and has a beautiful house on the Lyari River in Karachi.
John: Yeah, I’ll be meeting him.
Alex: Anyway, nice chatting to you, John. Good luck, you lucky guy.
John: Yeah, and the same to you,
Alex. By the way, don’t ever go to the Pakistani Consulate in
shalwar-kameez because they will think you’re too Pakistanised and may
doubt that you will ever come back, and your application will be
rejected. And yes, don’t forget to say to the Visa Officer politely:
“As’salam-o-Alaikum, aap kaisay hain?” It will show them you’re a
cultured person.
See what u think of this people…..Dont forget to say INSHALLAH after



Redundancies :-(

January 15, 2009


 The big “Strictly Private & Confidential” letter was given out on the 14th of January. Following it, yesterday Barclays Leeds announced it will be cutting 100 jobs from the mortgage area of business. 100 of our colleagues will face the axe in this cluster of retail banking. In total there will 4300 job cuts in Barclays.

It’s sad to see things fall apart this way. It was a expected news but few of my colleagues were under the quandary that Barclays won’t be effected by the credit crunch and because of this they were under a state of shock yesterday.  It is always hard to digest the news of redundancy and there are many factors to it. People have emotional attachment to their work and colleagues. Moreover, you just get used to coming in everyday and doing your thing. Very soon all this will change for many of our colleagues. 

The question which keeps popping up in my head is where will the 100 staff go? There are no jobs in the financial sector anymore and all the other sectors are not recruiting.  This morning I have been looking at some recruitment sites and the vacancy listed are lousy. Most of the jobs are listed with nearly every recruitment agency which means that there will be a hell lot of competition on every vacancy. An example of competition will be that the other day I applied for a Sales Manager position with one of the largest blue chip companies in the U.K. I was invited to the interview but the date of the interview was after 3 weeks (surprisingly a very long wait). Upon inquiring the reason for this, I was told that there were 1200 applicants for 4 sales manager jobs. Wow, innit?. This credit crunch has become worst than aids. It’s effecting so many people so quickly and it is crippling the economy. On the other hand the government is running out of money to pay people who are on dole. It surely is a lose lose situation. Even if anyone does get into another job there are still risks involved of redundancy there in the future….. CRAP!!!!!!!!


Based on all this, my decision is to start a master’s course this September and probably study something in the health sector. NHS will can pay the course fee and I can apply for a maintenance grant. By the time the qualification is achieved the market will be much more settled and it might even land me into a different and more excellent career. I still need to give it a detail thought. 

It’s only January ‘09 and already there have been around 10,000 job losses…..


It time to make the right choice NOW!


Sigh!!! I have got my first 1-1 for the consultation process…




No post for ages Sorry!

January 11, 2009

I havent been able to put anything on here all this week. I have just been too busy with work. I work as a slave for this bank and in the last week they have flown me here and there for work. Anyway, I have sorted it all now so I will back with a few posts tomorrow……