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December 24, 2008

Like millions of other jobs out there my job might be in trouble as well. I am working for a bank at the moment and the over all situation is very cold. My 6th sense says that in February time my bank will be annoucing redundancies and as they dont have a job match/salary match for me they might wave “Bye Bye” to me.  To save myself from displacement and being escorted out of the building I am thinking to make my won way out. Therefore, I am looking for other options. Now for that I have re jigged my C.V but I cant decide on how it looks so why dont you give me your opinion through a poll and your comments ?

Sounds like an idea to me…

Profile & Objective

I am a smart working individual with unlimited potential followed by dedication to excel in everything I do. I am capable of working alone and as part of a team therefore I am affirmative that I have been and will be a valuable asset for any organization.
My objective is to gain significant success in my career with taking everyday as new challenge by hitting and exceeding targets and setting new challenging records. To work, develop and succeed with a team in order become the best and to give any company I work for a competitive edge in the market.


September 2005 to 2006
Msc. (Marketing)

Leeds Metropolitan University
Projects: – Developing Marketing Communication In Motormile Finance Ltd, Consumer Behaviour in UK Wine Market, Study and Analysis of Singapore International Airline, Study of Leeds Live it, Love it Campaign, Being an Entrepreneur, Cost evaluation of A Call Centre

October 1999-2003
Bachelor of Science with Hons (Bsc. Hons) In Software Developments Honours, Huddersfield University
Projects: – Development of a Phone Directory, Development of an Online Result System, Development of Boat Hiring System using UML, Establishing a Small Area Network
Final Year Project:  Development of an Online Computer Store


Work Experience


I was hired to work in the XXXXXX Buying Abroad Department . There were 5 countries to look after and these were Italy, France, Dubai, Portugal and Spain. My roles involved providing leadership, motivation, development and product support to all team members. This project was highly successfull involving excellent returns but due to the economic down turn we had to move away from it for the times being.
My duties in Barclays Buying Abroad Department were as follows:-

Improvements- Responsible for driving substantial improvements to Buying Abroad Client Experience across the

team and developing staff to help make our clients feel individual and special.

Targets-Responsible for ensuring achievement of targets assigned to team members.

Sales-Responsible for ensuring that team provides full support for all sales campaigns and initiatives.

Best Practices-Responsible for the sharing and embedding of best practices, including generating ideas and escalating issues through Service Recovery.

Complaints-Responsible for the implementation of effective complaint handling according to the regulators and written procedures.

Management Support-A key player within the Buying Abroad Department team, providing support to managers.

Team Support-Responsible for the improvement of the EOS (Employee Opinion Survey) scores for the team and for making team members feel appreciated. Ensuring performance development applications are being applied across the board including on going coaching, training and development of staff.

Communication-Responsible for the delivery of high quality and effective communications to the team.

Leading– Responsible for providing effective leadership at all times.




XXXXXXXXXXXXX I started working for XXXXXXXXX as a team leader and I was hired to implement changes with regards to departmental targets and I converted the department into a target-based area of the business in order to improve and increase the overall productivity of the department. I successfully manage a strong team of 16
My duties were as follows: –

Leadership& Management -Leading, mentoring, developing, energising and motivating staff to ensure daily, weekly & monthly targets were met. Dealing with performance management, discipline & grievance cases.
Compliance – Ensuring compliance with legal and business requirements.

Monitoring -Creating
stats on daily basis and providing feedback/ briefing to team members. Creating and managing a healthy atmosphere in the team/department in order to make it the best possible working environment.
Team work -Providing support to other departments wherever possible by sharing resources.
One to One’s – Organising and delivering regular one to one feedback to team members and weekly team meetings. Preparing daily, weekly and monthly reports to the Management.
Customer Relations – Investigating and resolving customer complaints.
Recruitment- I played an active part in re-designing the recruitment process within the department by introducing telephone interviews and probation test.
Change – Identifying and implementing improvements on current procedures to make them productive.


I started to work for xxxxxxx, on their largest account of xxxxxxxx, as a Customer Sales Advisor. Just after two months in the role due to outstanding performance in the areas of sales, management and training I was handed over my own team of 14 sales advisors to look after. My duties were as follows:
Leadership- Provided team leadership and coaching

by motivating and inspiring team members. Lead by setting a good example with consistent approach
Created an environment oriented to trust, open communication, creative thinking, and cohesive team                 effort.
Vision– Provide the team with a vision of the project objectives. Familiarized the team with the customer needs, specifications, design targets, the development process, design
Ownership – Strive for team consensus and win-win agreements. Ensure discussions and decisions lead toward closure Intervene when necessary to aid the group in resolving issues
Recognition- Recognized and celebrated team and team member accomplishments and exceptional performance
Focus- Kept team consistent on the tasks at hand, the internal and external customer requirements
Assure that the team addresses all relevant issues within the specifications and various standards
Communication- Provided necessary business information to the teams in order to create greater
Encouragement– Initiated sub-groups or sub-teams as appropriate to resolve issues and perform tasks in parallel
which helped keeping the team engaged, focused and on track.





I entered the business as a team leader for the finance and leasing department and then took on board management of collections department as well. My team successfully managed a loan book of 7.5 million pounds with 80% of debt being collectable
My duties were as follow: –

Strategies –
Development of collections strategies for a variety of work queues.

Soliciting –Working closely with solicitors for chasing debt up and taking defaulters to court

Reviewing – Review and plan team workloads to ensure the continuous delivery of agreed service levels.

Interviews & HiringRecruit, train and develop Telephone Collectors to ensure that service levels are achieved.

Performance – Review and assess individual and team performance on a regular basis to ensure objectives are achieved.

Management Information –Produce relevant and concise management information – e.g. Key Business Indicators. 




I worked in the Document Management Centre (DMC) within the servicing team. I was the key member in setting up and managing the department. I was employee of the month in my very first month with the company. My duties were as follows: –

Acting Team Leader – During the beginning of the servicing department I acted as a team leader and took complete responsibility of the whole department.

Training Session – Time to time new staff was hired I used to provide them with a full training.

Service Checks – Everyday I had to carry out 100% service checks on the whole team in order to avoid any mistakes.

Meeting Service Level Agreement (SLA)– As a team we had to meet SLA ‘s everyday.

Dealing With Queries – Along with every day tasks I was often asked to deal with certain queries which were dealt with in the time scale provided.





Worked as a supervising sales representative on their account of One Tel, my role involved working closely with my line manager and the team working under me.  I was awarded employee of the month 6 times during my stay at Head count

My duties were as follows: –

Direct Marketing – Targeted direct marketing role with team management.

Sales Targets – On daily basis we were provided sales targets to achieve, which were actively met.

Supervising –I was allocated three locations to supervise a sales team of 25 advisors.

Training Sessions – Training session for the new staff on how to be effective sellers.

Time Keeping –Reaching the sale venues on time in order to reach full client potential.

Sales Shows- Conducting special sales event on high profile days for example Christmas eve.

Producing Quality – Along with hitting the sales target I have to keep a keen watch on the quality.

Daily Reports – At the end of the day reporting sales figures for each area to my line manager.



Systems Used

All Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft office packages, SAP, Lotus notes, Sage Line 50.   Skills & Expertise
Excellent communication skills, Sales, Management, Assertiveness, Competitiveness,  Visionary, Enthusiasm, Delegation, Trainer.



“The day I start enjoying my job I wont work a day in my life anymore”

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